Often a woman is given resources for her birth and for her pregnancy, but after birth so many women struggle with their new lives as a mother. If she’s having trouble breastfeeding, she can reach out to a lactation consultant who will visit for a few hours, but the postpartum life is much bigger than that–it can last as long as three months, or even a year. There are a lot of emotions, a lot fears, and a lot of hormones, guilt and regret associated with this period in a woman’s life. This can hit a woman like a ton of bricks, and support is the best way to combat all of these feelings. That is what postpartum doulas do. They support the mother while she supports her baby.

During our nine-plus months of pregnancy, we’re often so consumed by what will happen on baby’s birth-day that we can forget to plan for the aftermath. But no matter how much thought you put into your birth plan, the big event has a finite end-time, and then–hello–you’ve got a baby!

While a birth doula can be there to support you during the big day, a postpartum doula is there to support you for the many days after. From physical challenges like breastfeeding, balancing and even keeping your house clean, to emotional issues both big and small, a postpartum doula is all about helping you in your new life as a mother.

The experts at Lancaster Placenta Co are well-versed at handling this postpartum period–our very concept, in fact, is to help women in all aspects of their journey through motherhood: pregnancy, birth, postpartum and re-entering the workforce. There are so many changes that happen, having consistent and reliable support is priceless.



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