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Imagine Thriving During Your 

Postpartum Journey


It was hard seeing friends and loved ones struggle before with..



If this is your first time pregnant or if you've experienced the rollercoaster of

emotions that came with "the baby blues" in the past,

then keep reading because you’re about to discover an organic remedy.

- Breastfeeding

- Lack of Energy 

- Mental fog

- And isolating anxiety after giving birth.

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There's Another Way...


Many women assume, that suffering is part of the gig.  A sacrifice you must make,

with very little if anything that you can do about it.


Thinking… "Maybe there’s an antidepressant, the doc can prescribe to

help me through this tough time?”.


But the truth is, beginning to consume your placenta as soon as possible after labor is the MOST effective solution to crushing postpartum depression that there has ever been.

Uh, You Mean, I Have to Eat My Placenta?!...


Well...  Not exactly, unless of course you want to.  

When you hear from new moms that've discovered Placenta Encapsulationit all makes sense.

 Like a lightbulb goes on in the mind, you can get the unbelievable benefits of 

your placenta through these tasty pills in small potent doses over time.  

Your placenta is known to contain…


  •    Cortisone relieving inflammation, pain and swelling 

  •    Oxytocin increasing the sense of love and connection 

  •    Estrogen strengthening the uterus, while preparing your mammaries for lactation

  •    Prolactin boosting your milk supply

  •    Sufficient Iron levels to reduce fatigue that goes with anemia 

  •    Progesterone that helps to release endorphins, these are the happy hormones

  •    CRH managing cortisol to regulate stressful reactions

  •    And much, much more...

Wouldn’t you feel better in the days and weeks after delivery

with a faster recovery, elevated mood, more energy and booming milk supply?

Ignorance is Not Bliss


Those who don’t know any better, believe they must endure pain with slow healing, lose hair with pimples (like a teen all over again) and sweat throughout the night.


These strong mothers just like their peers and predecessors, have no idea that there's an all natural way to escape the hardships without endless side effects of manufactured drugs.

A Troubling Situation


The real problem can occur when the ones we love may not fully underderstand what our bodies are going through, while possibly experiencing…


      - A loss of quality time with family

      - Extended postpartum depression

      - Estranged relationships, both personal and professional

      - And sometimes, even worse...


Sure, your family will understand but is that really the way you want to spend your most cherished days postpartum, 

all depressed and anxious?  

Tap Into Your Source


Seriously, you're co-creating life.

 The very home to which you're growing and sustaining a beautiful human being will soon be gifted to you, by your body…

 Don’t discard this ultimate postpartum care package.


There’s tons of testimonials about the life changing benefits of Placenta Encapsulation provided by Lancaster Placenta Co in

Google + FaceBook reviews.  In the video below, you’ll meet Callie as she not only shares her postpartum experience but also her reason for starting Lancaster Placenta Co.  


Postpartum depression and anxiety are natural, but not necessary.

Wise Words

Your safety is top priority; The services provided by Lancaster Placenta Co. are unique due to...

#1  A Lack of Distraction…  While a variety of services are offered, they're strictly centered around your placenta.


#2  World Class Sanitation Protocols…  Hop on the ABOUT page + check out THE FACILITY to see all the certifications + procedures practiced daily with your wellbeing in mind.

Knowledge is Power


Actually... applied knowledge is power and you’re more powerful than you know.  




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