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Certified placenta Encapsulation specialist
Medical courier

Jess is a mother of four. After a traumatic experience during birth, Jess became more interested in learning about the birthing culture. 

It wasn’t long before the pregnancy of her third child that she became more increasingly interested in exploring postpartum support for women. Having having postpartum periods where she suffered greatly from PPD, she found herself relating very closely to other women that may not speak out about their negative adjustments to motherhood. It was then where she started to dive more into the knowledge of Placenta Encapsulation. It was something that she had heard of and skimmed over in years past, but never fully considered because of the lack of references.

Jess came across Lancaster Placenta Co. after having her ourth child and knew she didn’t want other women to go through what she has endured and wanted to help aid them in their postpartum recoveries any way she could. Callie was a vessel of knowledge and helped her decide right away that joining the team and helping to support others was where her passion was.

"No one should have to face the challenges of motherhood alone. Our bodies have designed a perfectly unique and incredible aid for our change in hormones, healing capacity and energy to keep up with these babies, why not benefit from it?!"

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