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Kyle Dellinger

"Lancaster Placento Co was great to work with! They came to the hospital to get our placenta and by the time we got home 2 days later it was there waiting for us! I am already obsessed with the placenta balm. I use it on everything!"

Alexandra Olvera

"Working with Callie from Lancaster Placenta Co. was amazing and so easy! They are very knowledgeable, they take proper precautions while preparing your placenta. They are also excellent at answering any questions you may have about the process or effects of encapsulating your placenta.

I recieved the encapsulation, the tincture, and the placenta salve. I have already noticed a huge increase in energy, and my milk supply since i started my capsules. Ive also used my placenta salve as a nipple healing salve, that also worked wonders! It also smells amazing which is a huge plus!

I would most definatly reccomend Lancaster Placenta Co. to anyone expecting a new little bundle! Such a great experience! Thank you!"

Emily W

"Callie was extremely responsive to all the ways I contacted her either text, email, or phone call. I felt very heard and cared for. No question I asked was too small and she always did her best to explain things to me. Her hospital pick up and drop off were seamless with my delivery. She has a big heart and great follow through!"

Tracey Knight

"A last minute referral, Callie was absolutely AMAZING! Her professionalism, kindness, understanding, and speedy service was beyond my wildest expectations. Even though she was hired at the last minute, she took the time to answer all my questions, walked me through the “menu” of options, and even allowed my older kids to read her a story while I filled out paperwork! Impeccable service and a gentle demeanor ensure that I will be recommending her to everyone I know!

This postpartum period was marked with more energy and no return of the postpartum anxiety I saw after my second-born’s arrival. While I know not all of that can be attributed to my “magic happy pills”, they certainly played their part! So thankful for Lancaster Placenta Company!"

Anna Graybill

"I haven't received a product by Callie at Lancaster Placenta Co. but I just finished my Placenta Specialist training hosted by Callie! It was such an awesome experience and makes me that much more excited to become certified. Callie is so friendly and down to earth, I felt comfortable and welcomed immediately. She's very helpful and knowledgeable and it's obvious she wants what's best for her clients. I'm so happy I got to do my training with Callie and I would recommend her to anyone interested in placenta services. Thank you Callie! :) <3"

Siobhan Pfeifer

"Amazing women to work with. They make the process effortless and really know their business. No matter the question they were happy to answer it and make sure i was secure in my decision to encapsulate!!"

Bianca Gonzalez

"Callie was a heaven send as a postpartum doula! I had no idea how beneficial it was to have one. I countless times with I had another set of hands or another adult in the room when my son was born. Callie provided not only help with things at home but also advice and company. I would highly recommend Callie to anyone that has just had a little one. Thanks for all your help and for your magical swaddling hands!"

Ashley Maurer

"I highly recommend Lancaster Placenta Co if you are looking for this service. I was unsure at first if I wanted to do this, but after talking to Callie and hearing of all the benefits of it I decided to go with it and I’m glad I did! Callie was very informative and clearly laid out all of the pricing and options for me. She was also very prompt in getting to our hospital and delivering the next day which I appreciated. I definitely think the pills helped my energy levels and mood, and the balm was also very nice. I plan to do this again with my next child."

Kayley Spilman

"I had the pleasure of working with Callie after my home birth of baby number 7. She was very knowledgeable in the process & was very quick to pick up & drop off product. Callie was such a sweetheart & you can tell she really loves what she does. I would highly recommend her."

Yoko McMullen

"My placenta sat in my freezer for 8 months waiting to be encapsulated! Callie was super helpful in answering my questions and making me feel better about putting it off for so long! She was very knowledgeable, very quick to respond, clean, friendly, and flexible with her time. My experience with Callie was better than expected, and I feel that I've gained a friend through this experience! It also helps that her prices are so very affordable. I look forward to taking my placenta capsules in the coming months when I wean my baby, and also when I go through menopause way down the road!"

Jamie Wimer

"Callie’s services were very reasonably priced and highly recommended by other moms in the area. She was thorough in communication and came to the hospital to pick up my placenta. She then delivered the product to my house the next day. I found her to be very professional, helpful and encouraging, answering all of my questions."

Desiree Garcia

"Prompt, professional servíce. Great communication throughout encapsulation process and very kind, helpful and respectful in our home and with our family. Highly recommend!"

Jehlisah Vaccarella

"From the first contact with Callie, I was extremely impressed. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and offers a wide variety of services. The process was seamlessand it was great that I didn't have to worry about a thing while in labor. It was nice to come home to some extra support during the very overwhelming postpartum transition also. I already feel that I am reaping the benefits and would recommend her to anyone looking for help!"

Portia Horst

"I just want to say that I'm not a super crunchy mama, this was totally out of the norm for me! But I am so glad that my good friend recommended this service to me! Callie was super nice, the whole process took less than 2 days, and I was so impressed that she picked up and dropped off. I definitely noticed an that I had more energy than with my last baby, and it helped with my insomnia and anxiety. Last time I couldn't barely fall asleep because I was so anxious about when my baby would next wake, but didn't have that problem at all this time around. Thank you so much Callie!"

Rachel Kerr

"I decided to encapsulate after my third birth to have extra hormonal support later on during the hormonal rollercoaster I always experience when I begin to wean. It was more than worth the cost to me!

Callie was incredibly prompt and available, and willing to discuss and explain all my options. She was efficient, and I appreciate how she utilized my home for the process.

I loved her attention to detail, too - the finished product came in an adorable gift bag with a card. She's personable *and* professional."

Rebecca Noviello

"We came to know Callie through an alternative treatment Facebook and breastmilk donation Facebook group. It was awesome to hear from her that she took a step of faith and courage to branch out on her own, now focusing mainly on encapsulation and postpartum doula services. Our son, Preston, was born February 13th. We got to experience Callie for placenta encapsulation, 1st timer travel size tincture, and even a 1st timer raw piece for smoothies. My smoothies didn't taste any different, but I know it had that extra boost from the raw piece! She was so prompt! I know you can't always have someone come in the day of the birth, but we got blessed in that way to be able to have her come out the afternoon of the day Preston was born. I'm such a questions person, and even though I had my placenta encapsulated for my first born son, Lee, through a different provider (because we didn't know Callie then!), I still had questions. She had a response with additional information for me with every question I had before, during and after the encapsulation process. She is relational, supportive, understanding, respectful, tidy, experienced and informative. We also used her for postpartum doula services. She was super attentive to my family's needs, caring for me, toddler, and newborn. It was so nice having her around because she's full of life, super easy to talk to, laid back, and flexible. Next time I totally want to try her placenta brownies, yum num yum num yum num!"

Jill Ridel

"Lancaster Placento Co was great to work with! They came to the hospital to get our placenta and by the time we got home 2 days later it was there waiting for us! I am already obsessed with the placenta balm. I use it on everything!"

Sarah Casale

"I am 4.5 months PP and I had the BEST experience with this company. Not only did they answer all of my questions, but they met me in my room after I had my c-section! My mom actually thought we were old friends because of how friendly she was! I can’t wait until my tincure sits for a couple more months so i can begin to use it since my pills are gone. I will use this company again if I ever have another baby."

Cassie Deckman

"One of the best and personal companies ever! I have been interested in placenta encapsulation and thought it was amazing but was nervous how to get it from the hospital to the person who would process it. Callie made it so easy and seem less I can’t believe I ever worried! She sent detailed instructions and was there so quick!! She is the sweetest and so helpful! The bottles have amazing helpful tips on taking the different products and makes me feel great! I love the energy boost that I get from them!! Thank you Callie!"

Christine Campbell

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Lancaster Placenta Company! Callie is absolutely wonderful at what she does - she truly cares about the women she works with. I received my placenta pills soon after the birth of my daughter (I did not know about this service with my first daughter). I felt so much more energy postpartum. I also had an increased milk supply. I am so glad I found Callie! She made my recovery so much more enjoyable. Thank you, Callie!"


"Lancaster Placenta is a great company, and Callie is fantastic. I am a midwife and mom, and have known her for several years as she has served many mutual clients of ours. She is highly trained, very conscientious in her preparation, and I have been continually impressed by her professionalism during her interactions with healthcare providers, hospitals, and the local birth center. She recently encapsulated for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the capsules she made me. They came quickly, about 36 hours after she picked up my placenta. The capsules are fruit flavored, and taste surprisingly nice while you swallow them. They feel like they are helping, and most importantly, I know with Callie's training and the care she takes with each placenta, they are prepared in a safe manner. I am absolutely thrilled with the service and capsules she provided!"

Noelle Bryant

"I cannot say enough great things about this company. The process was simple. Phone call prior to discuss needs, pickup in hospital after birth, and I had capsules mailed to me within a few days. Prior to starting capsules was having night sweats, mood swings, after 48nhiurs of taking capsules felt much more myself and also helped with boosting milk supply. Company was efficient and came on a holiday to pickup from hospital within an hour of the birth. Thank you, thank you for offering this service. Wish I had known about it with my 1st baby."

Bethany Mitchell

"Lancaster Placenta Co is AMAZING. I got my placenta encapsulated for my first baby who I had at home, and she was in my home within an hour to pick my placenta up. She then hand delivered my capsules to my mom the next day to give to me. WOW! And the effects were amazing. I bounced back from birth so quickly, my milk supply has been amazing, and I’ve had no mood disorders as of now. I can’t rave enough about this amazing service offered right here in Lancaster!"

Bethany Jenkins

"Callie is truly a GEM of a person with such a passion for her business! I appreciated her answering all my questions, and the process was SO fast. I had my pills within 2 days after she picked up my placenta! I wasn’t sure if they would work or not, but after taking them for a month so far, I’m a believer! I feel amazing, healed quickly, have had great milk supply, and have had energy I didn’t have after my first baby! Highly recommend Lancaster Placenta Co!"


"Amazing service! Will definitely be using this company again! My questions were always answered promptly and made me feel at ease. I fully trust Lancaster Placenta Co and know my placenta is in good hands. Very professional, high quality service! This was my first time trying placenta encapsulation and I’m very thankful I did! Improved milk supply, mood and energy! Love that they offer many different options and add-ons. The whole process was very seamless and smooth with Callie! Thank you so much Callie for being a part of my pregnancy and postpartum journey! You truly made it better!!"

Kimberly Narcisi

"Callie is not only both knowledgeable and professional, she is also incredibly personable, genuine and kind. She went above and beyond my expectations! During all of our interactions, I felt as though I were conversing with an old friend. She sincerely believes in what she does and it shows. I came home from the hospital with my twins to find what felt like a "welcome home, welcome to this next stage of motherhood gift"! The presentation was beautiful! I couldn't be more impressed or pleased with the products and the service! I'm so grateful to have found Lancaster Placenta Co and I highly recommend this business to every pregnant woman!!!"

Marlena Stoltzfus

"Callie is incredible to work with. Very prompt and professional and caring. I had my capsules 2 days after I gave birth and have noticed a HUGE difference in my postpartum recovery this time around (2nd child). So much more energy, very little to none hormonal mood swings, way less anxiety, and much better sleep. Also, I had an almost 11 lb baby and have a great milk supply! 🙌 I would definitely recommend encapsulating your placenta to every new mom and definitely use this company!"

Adrianna Harnish

"I found out about Lancaster Placenta Company through a friend’s sister! She was a previous customer and talked about how much placenta encapsulation helped her out. So I did my research and decided to go with Lancaster Placenta Company. I suffered from postpartum anxiety and depression with my previous two kiddos so I wanted to try this out to see if it would help me out. I watched closely through their Facebook page and their Instagram and learned so much more about placenta encapsulation! Their website and their posts are so educational and taught me so much more about it then just reading through research on my own. They take such pride in what they do and are so knowledgeable about it as well! I noticed that they do monthly give-a-ways for Moms. So I entered and won! I was super excited about the whole thing because I never win any contests. I immediately messaged Callie about winning. She was so helpful and sweet through the whole process! She answered all my questions, and trust me there was a ton! I had my sweet baby late at night on November 6. Callie picked up my placenta in the morning on November 7. And by November 9 I had my items! They have been such a God send for me. There’s no mental fogginess, my milk came in much faster then before, and my energy level is great! I wish I would’ve known about this with my previous kiddos! I recommend Lancaster Placenta Company to every Mommy!"

Savannah Burton

"Callie and her team were fabulous to work with! My situation got a little tricky and I needed pickup on a Sunday. They answered my call immediately and had someone come out to me within an hour. I highly recommend the Lancaster Placenta Co.’s services!"

Kelli Bryant

"Lancaster Placento Co was great to work with! They came to the hospital to get our placenta and by the time we got home 2 days later it was there waiting for us! I am already obsessed with the placenta balm. I use it on everything!"


"I am beyond satisfied with my experience with Lancaster Placenta. The pills were amazing and I just started on my tincture. I cherish my baby's cord keepsake and artwork! The whole process was effortless. Callie came to pickup my placenta after I gave birth and she personally dropped it off two days later back at the hospital... on a holiday no less! (and in a cute little bag with a cute little thank you card). I will most definitely be using Lancaster Placenta again for my next baby!"

Liz Hoff

"Finally get around to reviewing this amazing company (6 months PPD 😂). I contacted Callie early on in my pregnancy because I knew I wanted to encapsulate my placenta. She was so helpful & attentive! She arrived for my pick up before I was even transferred out of L&D. Amazing! I have only wonderful things to say about my pills. I know 100% that they helped my mood, energy, and overall health after delivery. Totally recommend this company & this service! You will thank yourself later. Such a small price to pay for self care when you most need it. Thank you again! ☺️"

Alysha Greider

"Callie was amazing to work with. she is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Even with my son coming early she was at the hospital right away to pick up my placenta and she had everything done and delivered to me extremely fast! with my son being in the NICU I really started to go through some bad post partum depression and I noticed an amazing difference as soon as i started taking the capsules. I am amazed with the benefits and how fast they took effect. The energy I have is amazing. I will definitely be using lancaster placenta co. again!"

Ashley Jacobs

"Hands down an amazing experience.

Callie is great to work with! She made the entire process super easy. My hospital did not allow my placenta to stay in the building for more than an hour after the birth, which happened to be in the middle of the night. I ended up having a family member take it to my house for me, where Callie then came to pick it up. She goes above and beyond for her clients and you truly feel her passion for what she does.

As far as the the placenta pills; WOW. With my previous two children I had PPD pretty severely, and it is SO amazing to feel like my normal self after having my third. I truly have felt an emotional difference this time around. Not to mention my milk supply is booming 🙌🏻 #fullfreezer

I ordered flavored capsules that were so easy to go down.. and I usually have a pretty hard time with reflux with medication, and these seem to be great.

Thank you Callie, you’re amazing girl! ⭐️"

Cally Adams

"This was honestly the best self care investment I have ever made and I am so thankful that I was introduced to Callie and Lancaster Placenta Co!!! My postpartum journey with my second child has been drastically different than my first and I truly believe it’s due to the placenta capsules that I have been taking!!! I have more energy, increased milk supply and a HUGE difference in my mood!!! My daughter was born the day before Thanksgiving and Callie had my pills ready that Friday and even brought them to my house!!! My placenta print and Umbilical cord keepsake is absolutely beautiful. She is truly a special person!!! Thank you Callie for starting an imperative practice for all woman in their postpartum journey 💖"

Brittany Miller

"I had the most amazing experience with Lancaster placenta. Callie was so helpful and gave me so much good advice from the beginning. The pills have curbed my pod/ppa so much. I had it terrible with my first and only for a few weeks and not nearly as bad with my second. She’s super sweet and so easy to work with."

Rachel Kline

"Lancaster Placenta Co. was amazing to work with when it came to my placenta encapsulation. Callie explained everything ahead of time and was quick to arrive at the hospital. She also had a very fast turnaround time and had my pills to me within 3 days. The pills have been AMAZING. This was my third pregnancy and the first I did placenta encapsulation.... I feel like my milk supply is steadier, my hormones have felt more balanced and I have had more energy than compared to my other pregnancies/postpartum period. In addition to the capsules, Callie made me a placenta balm which is awesome for cuts/scrapes/sore nipples, and she created a beautiful placenta print on canvas that I will always cherish. I highly recommend Lancaster Placenta Co. if you're interested in exploring the benefits of a holistic approach to your postpartum journey. After experiencing a roller coaster of emotions after my first two babies, this time has been so much better, I've felt more "myself" and overall healthier. Thank you, Callie!"

Lesa Maust

"I took my last placenta capsule yesterday. It is a no brainer to me that I will do this again if I have another baby. It was a night and day difference compared to my first baby when I didn't encapsulate. More energy. Better sleep. No baby blues this time around. Bleeding stopped way sooner. Great milk supply."

Abby Finger

"Callie is truly amazing! She is so knowledgeable on everything about the placenta and very fast to respond. Any questions or concerns you may be having, she will reinsure you about your decision. On the day that I delivered, they ended up having 3 pick ups that day but still still able to arrive within 5 hours of delivery!!! I cannot wait to receive my pills and balm and try everything out!! Thank you again Lancaster Placenta!!"

Tegan Benigni

"Lancaster Placenta Co was so friendly and easy to work with! They responded almost immediately every time I contacted them. I was very impressed with how quickly they came to pick up my placenta after delivery! They provide a high quality product and great customer service. My favorite things about having their service is how much it helped reduce night sweats and calm post partum acne!"

Emily Bagelman

"From the first point of contact to the very end, Callie was very responsive, professional and thorough with helping through the process. I delivered two weeks early and she was able to be at the hospital in just over an hour. Amazing customer service! I highly recommend the strawberry banana smoothie as it was delicious, in addition to using this company for your placenta encapsulation!!"

Justin Alleman

"Callie at Lancaster Placenta Company was so wonderful! She is highly knowledgeable about the encapsulation process as well as the science behind the what, why, and how! Her professionalism made me feel like I had truly found THE best company with the best facility to provide me with my placenta capsules, tincture, and healing balm. She was so prompt with her communication and her pick up/drop off, I really felt like she valued me as both a postpartum mother AND a client. Not only are her products and procedures top notch, she is a wonderfully caring and kind person with an obvious passion for mothers and their postpartum wellness. I will recommend her to EVERY mother-to-be I know!

Since starting my products two days after giving birth I have noted an increased energy level and decreased mental fog that I experienced with my first two children in the early sleep-deprived days. I also noted that my milk came in very quickly and sufficiently to feed my son, so breastfeeding has been a breeze. I highly recommend using her services to all mothers no matter how many children you’ve had already!"

Dr. Monea Tamara

"Wow! I’m blown away by the level of professionalism and quality of the products at Lancaster Placenta. This is my 3rd baby and I’ve had my placenta encapsulated each pregnancy but this time I had more options. I love how Lancaster Placenta gave me options and education on how my placenta would be prepared. In addition to the pills that I always get, I bought a smoothie and tincture this time around because Lancaster Placenta offers more than the pills. I’m so pleased with how I feel postpartum! I’m enjoying every moment with my baby and his big sisters (ages 2 and 4).

Also, Callie was great! My doula called her the night I had my son and she was there the next day. She prepared a delicious smoothie for me and shipped my pills and tincture right away. She also sent me a personalized card congratulating me on the birth of my baby. That meant so much to me!

If you want quality, professional and prompt service, and to feel amazing postpartum, I highly recommend Lancaster Placenta! Thank you Callie!"

Jessica Stay

"Wonderful experience. Callie helped us get our placenta from the hospital timely and I was able to pick up my pills within the week I had my son! Professional service and I have had a great experience taking the placenta pills as well! I highly recommend this business!"

Jess Engle

"If you are thinking about placenta encapsulation, then do it! Lancaster Placenta Co. was great from the first encounter. Lancaster Placenta Co. was at York Hospital a little over an hour after our baby was born even in the pouring rain and flooded roads. I received my placenta pills quickly even with the Labor Day holiday. I can’t say enough good things about the placenta pills. With my first child I had a lot of hair loss and night sweats. I also had some signs of baby blues. Second baby and taking the placenta pills, I have had minimal night sweats, no hair loss, and have felt wonderful. I had to cut back on the pills due to my milk supply being so much when it came in. Placenta encapsulation has been amazing and I will definitely be doing it again with future pregnancies!
Even my midwife recommended Lancaster Placenta Co. when we were in the hospital and she said she has heard nothing but great things from her patients that have tried placenta encapsulation."

Skylar Glass

"I was thrilled with everything fron this company. My daughter was 1 week overdue and the encouraged me til the day she arrived. She was born at 9 pm and they were at my birth-center by 10 pm to pick up ny placenta. My products arrived Sunday morning and i was kept up to date every step of the processing. It's been two weeks and this is the best recovery and smoothest post partum of any of my children, and this is baby #4!"

Sarah Butcher

"Thrilled with my experience! My friend recommended this company for placenta encapsulation and I’m so glad I used them. Everything was very professional - prompt responses and very helpful with details about the whole process, as well as, knowing the doctors and hospital’s rules. The whole pickup and return was flawless. Plus the package included the dried umbilical cord and “stamp” of the placentas (didn’t actually think I would like this part but it’s so awesome and I love it!)."

Sally Perry

"Using lancaster placenta co. Was super easy and a wonderful experience they came on short notice to the hospital and retrieved my placenta and fulfilled my order and delivered it to my house the next day they gave me updates about what was happening the entire time I felt completely comfortable the entire time because of the professionalism and friendliness of lancaster placenta co. I would recommend this company to anyone intrested in placenta encapsulation."

Caitlyn Smedley

"I cannot speak highly enough about the amazing service and quality of product provided by Callie at Lancaster Placenta Co. I was initially hesitant about encapsulating my placenta, but every question was readily answered and I felt more than confident in my decision. The process was extremely easy and I had my pills before I even left the hospital. I’m now 5 days postpartum, 3 with the pills and I feel great. I will absolutely be using Lancaster placenta co again."

Dana Mousetis

"Callie at Lancaster Placenta Co. was absolutely great to work with! She was very informative and helpful with any question I had. She picked up my Placenta right from our Birth Center and delivered at home the next day. Giving updates in between so I knew when it would be ready. Lancaster Placenta Co. was a pleasure to work with and I would fully recommend their services to those looking to encapsulate their Placenta!"

Chelsea Corle

"Working with the Lancaster Placenta Company was amazing. I had my son at 2 am and my mom contacted them for me. She was at the hospital by 9 am to get my Placenta and had it done and mailed out to my house before I even made it home from the hospital. It was an amazing experience and I will be working with them for future pregnancys as well."

Shandi Abernethy

"I am very impressed with this company! I won the April giveaway and received pills, balm, and tincture. They were/are all very useful and helpful! Callie was great and picked up my placenta from the hospital within hours of delivery and hand delivered the package to my house two days later! She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients! I would recommend this company to all expecting mothers! I am just disappointed that I didn’t know about them for my five previous pregnancies!"

Amanda Dintaman

"Callie is great. My little girl came 3 weeks earlier but it was no issue. She still picked up my placenta at the hospital and then had my pills back to me that Sunday I had my girl on Friday. It was so easy to do I didnt have to do a thing. Which was great since being a new mom it was a bit crazy. When I have my next child I will again use Lancaster placenta co. I will say so far with taking the pills my mood has been great and no baby blues which is what I was nervous about. So again love it all!"

MaryAnn Stoltzfux

"We are so honored to work alongside Callie, she is dedicated to serving Mother's, you will not find another Placenta Encapsulator that will work as hard as she does, to provide the best products possible."


"I can't say enough about how wonderful it was working with Callie and how pleased I am with the products I've received! I was considering the service, and once I reached out to Callie for more information, I was immediately comfortable with her incredible wealth of knowledge, remarkable professionalism, and sincere attention to detail and personal demeanor. I noticed improved energy right away, and am thankful I have the capsules for this post partum period. If you're considering placenta encapsulation or related products, Lancaster Placenta Co. is absolutely the best!"

Nadina Feakins

"Great company ! Callie it’s amazing and she went above and beyond to get my placenta on my son’s birthday. The smoothies are delicious and the capsules helped me with my milk supply and stress. Totally recommend them :)"

Brittany Kanode

"Hands down the most professional and reasonably priced company I have found for my own encapsulation. Communication with the company throughout my whole pregnancy and every step of the process was amazing.

I was really impressed with their knowledge of the safety and sanitation protocols during the entire process. It really relieved a lot of minel and my husbands concerns about whether it was a sanitary and safe process. And we were really glad to have it done by a professional.

I would most definitely recommended this service and this ccompany to everyone!!!!!"

Melissa Hepfer

"I will definitely be recommending Lancaster Placenta Co. to anyone I know having a baby! Callie was so great to work with and she made the process such a breeze. She is kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I have been loving taking my placenta pills and notice a big boost in my mood when I take them. The placenta balm is also amazing! I noticed an immediate improvement in my dry chapped skin after just one application of it.
I look forward to working with Callie again in the future!"

Laura Kline-Buckmaster

"One of my dear friends gifted me with a postpartum doula session with Callie. At the time, my baby had her nights and days completely reversed (a few weeks before Christmas!) and I was exhausted and overwhelmed. Callie was such an amazing help! She was more than willing to organize, clean, and share her experiences with me. I was so grateful for Callie's kindness and help! I would highly recommend her!!"

Stefanie Rodgers

"My experience with Lancaster Placenta Co has been wonderful! This is my second baby but first time for placenta encapsulation. I have significantly more energy this time around, am sleeping better & most importantly, my milk supply is WAY better...which has made breastfeeding a better experience than with my first child. Callie is professional, timely & a pleasure to work with. She answered my questions quickly & helped make this postpartum time a smooth transition for our family. I highly recommend her services!"

Angela Balogh

"Callie was so informative and helpful. We got my placenta encapsulated by her with our second child and what a difference it made! She eased my mind with all my questions I asked all while she was working on my placenta. She showed up the day after delivery right on time and finished it up the next day! I will definitely go to her for all of our future births."

Lexy Piccioni

"Callie is awesome! She came as soon as we got home with my son to start the encapsulation process. I got one of the raw smoothies and it tasted just like any other smoothie! She's very kind and knowledgeable and very prompt with her work. I'm so glad I chose Lancaster Placenta Co. for the encapsulation of my placenta and I would most definitely recommend Callie to anyone else considering having it done! From planning the process to completing it, she was fantastic."

Amber Reif

"I had a wonderful experience encapsulating my placenta with Callie! Communication throughout the whole process was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable and professional. She answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. Her protocols for sanitation were great, and it was very convenient to work with her. She came to my home to make me a smoothie and collect my placenta and brought all the finished products back to my home.

She made me a smoothie, cord keepsake, tincture and balm in addition to the encapsulation. Every product is wonderful and in addition is beautifully packaged. Encapsulation made such a difference in my post partum recovery, especially after a rough delivery and surgery. I have had great mood benefits, a plentiful milk supply and high energy levels. I wish I had known about encapsulation with my first child! I cannot recommend Callie and Lancaster Placenta Company highly enough! She is amazing to work with and encapsulation is a great postpartum support."

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