Our Team

Founder and Owner of Lancaster Placenta Co.


Callie Landis was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania before traveling and living briefly in a few different locations as a young adult. Her love of farmland, scenic views, and welcoming neighbors brought her back to Lancaster County where she currently lives with her husband, three children, and 2 Australian cattle dogs. Prior to finding her passion for the birth industry, Callie worked in finance, sales, and marketing. Her enthusiasm for connecting and encouraging others helped shape her concept of a placenta encapsulation service that would empower new moms and make them feel capable and encouraged in their new role postpartum.


While pregnant with her first child, Callie poured over the many decisions that women and their partners are faced with. It was during this time that she first learned of placenta encapsulation. She added it to the ever growing list of products and decisions and supplements and birth techniques to educate herself on, but found it difficult and time consuming to sort through the information she found online. Eventually without truly knowing the value of placenta encapsulation at the time, she opted not to have her placenta encapsulated after the birth of her first baby! 


When she became pregnant with her second baby she knew this time she wasn’t going to miss out on experiencing placenta encapsulation! The experience for her was a night and day difference in her postpartum recovery. It was so good, this experience eventually led Callie to create the concept for Lancaster Placenta Co. She envisioned a company that provided women with safe, professional and trusted services for their placenta along with the education and customer service they deserved at an affordable price. Shortly after receiving her training and certifications, Lancaster Placenta Co. was born and has quickly become the most trusted name in placenta services in southeast Pennsylvania. Since its birth in 2017, Lancaster Placenta Co. has serviced over 600 placentas and greatly expanded to serve women nationwide with more products and options than ever before. Callie’s dedication to providing postpartum women with the safest and most professional placenta services has and always be a core part of her mission in serving women.

Placenta Specialist


Ashley Jacobs is a mother of three little girls. After a traumatic experience from the birth of her second daughter, Ashley became more interested in learning about the birthing culture. She left her career and went on and trained with Birth Arts International, becoming a Birth Doula. Not long after the training, her family was moved from their hometown and settled in Lancaster County. Having her tribe of support of family and closest friends being just minutes away, to now hours, she struggled to give the support to birthing mothers and decided to take a hiatus from the industry until her littles weren’t so little.


It wasn’t long before the pregnancy of her third child that she became more increasingly interested in exploring postpartum support for women. Having two postpartum periods where she suffered greatly from PPD, she found herself relating very closely to other women that may not speak out about their negative adjustments to motherhood. It was then where she started to dive more into the knowledge of Placenta Encapsulation. It was something that she had heard of and skimmed over in years past, but never fully considered because of the lack of references. 

Ashley stumbled across Lancaster Placenta Co when she was newly pregnant with her third child and knew she didn’t want to encounter the same difficulties. Callie was a vessel of knowledge and helped her decide right away it was worth trying for herself, and to learn more to help support others. 


She trained then with IPPA and received her Placenta Encapsulator Specialist Certificate shortly after the birth of her third baby. During this time of studying about the placenta and its natural remedies for mommas, she was herself benefiting from her own placenta. Her third postpartum was a huge contrast from her past experiences. She knew then that this was her calling, and now is deeply passionate for helping other mothers in the same predicaments.


"No one should have to face the challenges of motherhood alone. Our bodies have designed a perfectly unique and incredible aid for our change in hormones, healing capacity and energy to keep up with these babies, why not benefit from it?!"

Placenta Specialist


Kendra Giangiulio has a background in graphic design/print production, organic agriculture as well as many years of customer service experience. She resides in Berks County, PA where she homeschools her children and is currently creating a non-profit nature based education program. Kendra thoroughly enjoys a jaunt through the woods to hear the sounds of nature and to tune into her own self.


Kendra is passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond! She was thrust into the birth world after losing a twin pregnancy at 20 weeks. A subsequent pregnancy had Kendra in bed for several weeks, at that time she researched birth and postpartum vigorously. That pregnancy ended abruptly at 29 weeks which led to a whole new experience in the NICU at Reading Hospital. After two far from ideal birth experiences Kendra was determined to have the natural, uninterrupted birth she desired. She finally carried to full term, with the help of doctors and chose to birth at home with her family. This birth was an intense contrast to her previous experiences. She knew then that helping others form the birth that they dream of was part of her future. She has devotedly been assisting birthing persons as a DONA trained birth doula since 2017.


Kendra has been aware of placenta encapsulation for years and eventually crossed paths with Callie. When meeting Callie in person for the first time, she swears there were sparks! They resonated so greatly with each other. Kendra is continually fascinated by Callie’s dedication to providing birthing persons with the safest and most professional placenta services. Kendra is thrilled to part of the team at Lancaster Placenta Co.