Making Dreams Come True

Lancaster Placenta Co. was founded after recognizing the area’s unfulfilled need for professional resources to support all women after the birth of a baby. Currently, most doula agencies and OBGYN’s focus their services primarily on a woman’s needs during pregnancy and birth, often overlooking and undervaluing the benefits that skilled support during the postpartum period offers. Through a true understanding and appreciation of the critical role this support plays in a woman’s recovery after birth, Lancaster Placenta Co. was born.  

Lancaster Placenta Co. is the leading Placenta Encapsulation Expert,on the East Coast in the USA; pioneering innovative solutions and setting new standards within the Placenta Encapsulation Industry. Specializing in placenta encapsulation services, we serve parents looking to ensure they receive the best support available after their baby is born. We work seamlessly with you and your Birth Team to ensure it's your postpartum experience, just the way you envisioned it. 

Because of our extensive training and knowledge we are often contacted by aspiring encapsulation students all over the world for mentorship. We are happy to offer Placenta Encapsulation Training for Professionals through IPPA (International Placenta & Postpartum Association), the renowned international leader for Placenta Encapsulation Specialists. Our belief that qualified and professional placenta encapsulation services should be universally accessible to all women is what drives our passion for continually updating our own certifications and providing training for other professionals within the industry.

"You're going to love the way you feel"
- Callie Landis
Owner, Placenta Specialist, Postpartum Doula, IPPA Placenta Encapsulation Trainer

Turning a Vision into Reality

We at Lancaster Placenta Co. pride ourselves in the extensive training and certifications we possess, including on-going mentorship and continuing education in placenta encapsulation through IPPA (International Placenta & Postpartum Association). We hold current certification in blood borne pathogen training through Biologix as well as our training and certification in food handling and preparation through ServSafe—in compliance with all Pennsylvania state food safety laws and requirements.  We go above and beyond the strict sanitizing protocols and preparation techniques mandated by OSHA standard operating procedure, and require adherence to our own additional sanitizing and handling measures. When Lancaster Placenta Co. is handling your placenta, you know it’s in the best hands.

A Perfectionist in Every Detail 

Most parents envision what the perfect birth experience will be like.  As they often come to recognize throughout the months of pregnancy, birth can be unpredictable and doesn’t always adhere to these best-laid plans. The experience of pregnancy and birth can be emotionally exhausting and physically draining—but your postpartum transition doesn’t have to be.  There is something you can do to create a more balanced, supported, and peaceful postpartum period. You grew a tiny human for nine+ months, you owe it to your baby and yourself to take care of YOU.

"Where your postpartum experience is perfectly made just for you."

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