The Facility

But first, to be clear...

And Why Your Safety Matters

Placenta Encapsulation, ain't just for the crunchy moms anymore.  This industry is going mainstream from celebrity endorsements, posh influencers to your next-door neighbor.

Now if you're seriously considering placenta encapsulation then you may have some concerns for your wellbeing, and with good reason.

Your Main Risk?

The biggest objection often expressed, is the fact that it's currently an unregulated industry.  In some respects you'll find that it's a bit of a wild west.

It's alarming that anyone, anywhere in the US can just decide to offer placenta encapsulation services without training or certification, don't you think?!

The Generalist and the Specialist

While there are many trained and certified providers out there, standards and practices for safety can vary widely but for now...

Just, imagine you're seeing a new family doctor for the first time because of a reoccurring headache.

Then early into your appointment, he pulls out a scalpel in one hand and reaches for a gas mask with the other.

Speaking softly in a creepy Russian accent, "Yes, looks like you'll need brain surgery today"...

Would you...

A)  Allow a proper fitting of the mask, slowly lay back and uncomfortably count to 10?




B)  Run as fast as you can, find a new doctor then seek the opinion of a trusted specialist?!

LOL seriously though, you have an amazing variety of great products and services available in the postpartum industry.

It's a Wide World

Similar to your desire for a neurological specialist, in the dramatic example above...

From bedside and home assistance to endless offerings of clothes, pads and so much more...  Often available through the same great provider that you've come to know and trust.

There's no doubt this hardworking generalist has your best intentions in mind, with a heart of gold to match.

However they may lack the training, equipment and supervised practice required for optimum safety when offering to handle your placenta, while also juggling an array of other services.

Total Focus, No Distractions

The specialists at Lancaster Placenta Co. are a small, dedicated team of highly trained and certified professionals with lots of glowing testimonials.

Committed  to delivering your quality placenta centered services quickly but more importantly with safety integrated into every step and process.

Going far above and beyond industry standards.  Below you'll find a few points that first outline, then expand on this promise while sharing services that relate to each standard...

The Facility


The Facility


Quick Overview

-  ServSafe Certified Using NSF Certified Lab Equipment

-  Blood-borne Pathogen Certifications

-  OSHA Protocol + Universal Precautions

-  Certified Medical Couriers

-  Placenta Encapsulation Training and Certification

The Lab and Services

Your placenta capsules + tincture are consumable, so your service should be held to the same standards as any other food service operation.

In order to be open for business, by law restaurants must have at least once manager present at all times who's ServSafe certified.

ServSafe is nationally recognized and maintaining a current certification is required by each member of the team here at Lancaster Placenta Co.  This is an in-house policy only;  And just one step, of many, in our commitment to your health.

Also using only stainless steel, lab grade equipment certified by the National Safety Foundation is another step taken to ensure your welfare is secure.

A Placenta Encapsulation Package

Wait till you check out the next set of certifications and standards below but first did you know that you can...

-  Improve postpartum energy

-  Boost your milk supply

-  And elevate your mood with your placenta capsules alone?

Click Here to learn more about a nonlocal placenta encapsulation package, where you're offered a...

-  Variety of flavored capsules

-  Preferred method of preparation

-  Customizable cord keepsake options

-  And optional blood print, all for one unbelievable price!

Optimize and Extend Your Comfort

If you're considering the non-steamed method of preparation for your capsules above, then you'll likely enjoy an increase of...

-  Up to 50+ more pills

-  Vitamins

-  Nutrients

-  And minerals

In your bottle, than if you chose the steamed method of preparation.  And this amazing supply will ideally last you for 7 - 9 weeks!

Now you don't wanna be left high and dry, when this "magic pill" supply runs out.  So you can add a tincture of your choice, before you checkout.  Clients like you, have effectively been able to...

-  Relieve hormonal imbalances

-  Keep postpartum depression from creeping in

-  Even ease cramping and bloating, long after their period had returned

By consuming their raw placenta tincture, once the capsules are gone.

3 Main Tincture Categories to Choose From


#1.  Premium Herbal Infused Raw Placenta Tinctures - Coming Soon, you can catch the details below...

#2. Raw Placenta Tincture (Available sizes listed below) - Just the placenta tincture, no added extras.

#3. Premium Herbal Tinctures - If you forgot, or chose not to order your amazing raw placenta tincture and now you're completely outta pills with a bit of regret (This happens all of the time).  


We're over the moon to offer you these special herbal blends.  Coming soon, you can catch the details below... 

There's 3 types of premium herbal tinctures being hand-blended by a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine and each are specifically designed to...

a)  Enhance Mood - (Details TBA)

b)  Boost Milk Supply - (Details TBA)

c)  Increase Energy - (Details TBA)

Click Here to add and lengthen your benefits well beyond the life expectancy of the pills, choosing from a highly potent...

-  1 oz tincture

-  4 oz tincture (Recommended)

-  Or 8 oz tincture  

Quick Tincture Story (Disclaimer Below)

On an interesting side note regarding one possible future use of the 8 oz tincture...

Some have claimed... That once their daughters had reached the age of menstruation, using a tincture of the very placenta responsible for creating them, once upon a time.  These young ladies had reportedly experienced major relief from the symptoms associated with this uncomfortable and challenging phase of life.

(Maybe different...?  Maybe cool?!  We'll let you be the judge)

***Warning... we can only recommend the consumption of your placenta and tincture, by you.


Just an added preventative measure for your protection, after all we're working with a raw organ so it just feels right, right?  Honestly, we would feel comfortable with nothing less...  And that's that.

So if you're into underdogs, the next service is sure to please.  Sure it's easy to say "a balm is a balm, is a balm and oh...  Of course it's got placenta...", but it truly is...

Now, if you plan on breastfeeding with that booming supply you're sure to experience then chances are, you may run into some chapped mammaries and there's nothing more soothing to...

-  Cracked and blistered nipples

-  Eczema 

-  Small cuts

-  And diaper rash

Than an herbal infused placenta balm to get feelin' alright again.  And yes, you can share the balm with your baby if you like.  


Fortunately, unlike your capsules and tincture, we can gladly recommend the use of your placenta balm on your baby.  Heck even our husbands have used it with rave reviews on scrapes and sunburn.

Click Here to choose from a variety of options like...

-  Plain

-  Lavender  

-  Calendula

-  Lavender / chamomile

Choose any size you like, starting with ...

-  2 oz balm

-  4 oz balm (Recommended)

-  8 oz balm

Colored Placenta Print (Artwork)

Also, in case you weren't aware...  You can add an artistic artifact;  A still frame in time, not to be forgotten to your flourishing cart as well.

Click Here to add a beautiful colored print of your placenta using non toxic, food grade coloring on your choice of either...

-  A paper print

-  Or durable canvas

So go ahead, rest easy...  Just order online now and prevent postpartum anxiety, while you're ahead.

The Miracle Balm

Without a ruthless practice of Universal Precautions the hygienic facility and trained providers are just a costly pageant that put you, you baby and the team here at risk.


Custom Color Placenta Cast

If only more placenta encapsulation service providers were as focused, aware and committed to this level of security and sanitation then more postpartum mothers could enjoy the wildly amazing benefits associated with placenta consumption.

If you're interested in a more rugged and durable keepsake to last a lifetime before you hit that final checkout button...

Click Here and grab your placenta cast by choosing custom color options like...

-  Gold

-  Silver

-  Baby pink

-  Baby blue

-  Rose gold

Now the next point below, allows peace of mind knowing you have access to such high quality standards as if you lived right here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.


You know the popular "Farm to Fork" slogan, in the restaurant world...  Well, "From Labor and Delivery to the Delivery of Your Capsules" our certified medical couriers ensure the flow of your safety, anywhere in the US.

OK so it's not as catchy but you get the idea, right?  Fast and safe shipping, in fact...

***If you find a more affordable option delivered faster using the same quality training, certification standards and equipment we'll match that price guaranteed!

You can relax, knowing that postpartum thriving is right around the corner.

***Pending 3 point proof from a non local, qualified + reputable, placenta encapsulation specialist through... 1.  A cheaper priced (service or comparable package offer) quote. | 2.  A faster delivery quote. | 3.  Proof of provider with equal or greater quality of training, certification standards and equipment.***


The Rockstar Birth Academy

You'll find an extra peace of mind knowing that our sister company...

Is a trusted source for placenta encapsulation training and certification.  Helping educate other service providers around the world, away from unsafe practices.

If you're interested in learning the art and science of placenta encapsulation, click the REQUEST INFORMATION tab at the bottom of this website and let us know.


If you decide that Lancaster Placenta Co. is not a good fit for you and your family, please don't jeopardize your safety to a service provider offering anything less than the standards and practices listed above.


Owner/Placenta Specialist


Once upon a time a postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation skeptic, until clients continued asking then providing rave reviews about this new and strange subject.

Right after giving birth to her second child, she went and did it on her own!  

You can catch the full story, by Clicking Here... 

Besides the unadvised path that led to this adventure, she found the experience so transformational that she founded Lancaster Placenta Co, devoting 100% of her professional


Now you can benefit from the attention that she has poured into this passion project.

She has since given birth to her third, beautiful and healthy baby.  


This time Callie was able to enjoy the full benefits of the very services offered by Lancaster Placenta Co while the team took over.

Click Here to watch her testimonial about it.

Placenta Specialist


Bio Coming Soon...

Placenta Specialist


Bio Coming Soon...


In the video below you'll join Callie as she shares with you her personal experience around placenta encapsulation and the inspiration behind her passion in helping you thrive during your postpartum journey.

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