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We serve families Nationwide!  If you live in the USA and are considering placenta encapsulation, look no further! Our state of the art professional placenta shipping option is a safe and affordable option available for families NATIONWIDE!  Our nationwide service is unrivaled with the safest services mirroring health care standards, unbeatable prices, fast turnaround, and more products available than anywhere else in the country! You’re going to love our services AND all of the options available for you to completely customize your placenta products and the way you thrive during your postpartum journey!


Are you local to us?! Our local placenta pick up service is available for local families delivering at home or at a birth facility located up to 45 minutes to 55 from Lampeter, Pennsylvania. Our local hospitals are adopting new policies due to Covid-19 requiring placentas to be picked up within an hour of delivery and also not allowing birth support persons to exit or re-enter the hospitals. In an effort to be able to accommodate these new policies, we've had to restructure our local pick up area. Please contact us before ordering our local service if you're unsure if you're within 45-55 minutes.


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Our Services