What are the benefits of encapsulation?
What is the difference between the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method and the Non-Steamed preparation?

Taking your placenta capsules are the best thing a new mother can give back to her body post-birth. They have been reported to help stabilize hormones, induce lactation & increase breastmilk production, support mental well being, provide more energy, lend pain relief and assisting in bonding.  

The non-steamed method skips the steaming process and goes right to slicing and dehydrating. You often will experience more potent capsules as well as receiving a higher quantity of capsules. The steamed  TCM method involves lightly steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger. This method does provide a more gentle dose than with the Non-Steamed method, and often less capsules. It also infuses the placenta with heat. In many cultures new mothers are told to only consume food and drinks that bring warmth to the body to expedite healing.

How do your services work?
Can I still encapsulate if I have a c-section or have medication?

Once you have booked services with Lancaster Placenta Co, we are officially on call for your birth! We have easy and convenient pickup hours from 8:00am - 10:00pm, 7 days a week, including all holidays.


After your baby is delivered, give us a call during pickup hours to schedule your placenta pickup at 717-925-0154. Once we pick up your placenta, we get to work right away to ensure our clients have their capsules back as soon as possible.

Absolutely! If you have a c-section, let your nurse know that you plan to keep your placenta so that it does not go to pathology and instead, ask that they package it up for you. 

With medication, the general rule is that it is safe to have during pregnancy, then it is safe for placenta encapsulation.