Our Process

Step 1

The first step is placing your order online and filling out our client information forms. After your order is placed, you’ll receive an email with detailed information going over the next steps.

Step 2

Give us a call when your placenta is ready for pickup during our pick up hours from 8am-10pm, 7 days a week to schedule your pick up. A medical courier will arrive as soon as possible to retrieve your placenta.

Step 3

We safely transport your placenta back to our facility and assign your placenta to one of our fully equipped workstations. Your name and order are written on the board above the workstation. Your placenta never leaves the workstation until it’s packaged and ready to ship.

Step 4

Before we begin, we wash our hands in antimicrobial hospital grade soap and suit up in proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We sanitize and disinfect the workstation thoroughly using OSHA approved sanitizing products.

Step 5

We begin processing your placenta by rinsing and removing the umbilical cord and amniotic sac.

Step 6

The placenta is then prepared in the method of preparation of your choosing, sliced thinly, and placed on the dehydrator trays. It is then dehydrated at 160 degrees until fully dry and ready for the next step.

Step 7

The dehydrated placenta pieces are ground into a fine powder using a commercial grinder and filled into capsules of your choosing using a pharmaceutical lab grade capsule machine.

Step 8

The capsules go through a quality check, dusted off, and placed into an amber glass packer bottle. The bottle is sealed for your protection and the cap is placed on top.

Step 9

The equipment is taken to the commercial sink and washed and then submerged in a sanitizing bleach solution for 10 minutes. The entire workstation is cleaned and also sanitized for 10 minutes to ensure all blood borne pathogens are eliminated per OSHA standards.

Step 10

The bottle is sanitized for 10 minutes and dried. Your name and quantity of placenta capsules are written on the label and the label  is placed on the bottle. A tamper evident seal is placed on the bottle.

Step 11

The bottle is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into your shipping box with packaging and sealed with shipping tape.

Step 12

Your order is taken to the post office and mailed. Your tracking information is sent to your email address and a courtesy text is sent letting you know your order has shipped and tracking information has been emailed.

Step 13

Your order should arrive in 1-3 days business days depending on your location and if you chose expedited shipping. Once it arrives you can begin enjoying your placenta capsules right away! Information on how to properly store your capsules for long lasting quality, and instructions on how many to take and when to take them is detailed on in the label for you.


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