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Your Safety Matters


Your Safety Matters


The placenta encapsulation industry is currently unregulated in terms of training and workplace precautions that help keep consumers safe. This means that virtually anyone can offer encapsulation services with no training and no safety certifications.

So how do you know you’re making a smart choice when choosing a provider?

At Lancaster Placenta Co. we pride ourselves on our high level of training and the uncompromising safety standards in our facility. We focus exclusively on placentas, meaning all of our training and continuing education directly relates to placenta encapsulation and safety measures. We are a small, dedicated team of highly trained professionals in our field--and we have the certifications and glowing client reviews to prove it! As a team, we go far and above the industry standards for client and provider safety.

If you’d like to read more about our top-notch safety protocols, equipment and PPE then Click Here.

Before we begin suit up in proper PPE which consists of:


Isolation gowns


N95 Respirators

Hair nets

Safety glasses

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