The Benefits

What are the benefits of encapsulation?

Women all over the world have experienced the incredible benefits that placenta encapsulation can provide!


-Lactation induction and increased breast milk production

-A sense of mental well-being

-Increased energy

-Faster postpartum healing and less bleeding

-Decreased risk of developing postpartum depression

-Balancing of moods and hormones

-Increased levels of blood iron

-Quicker postpartum weight loss

-Increased release of oxytocin to encourage shrinking of the uterus and infant/maternal bonding 




There are many nutrients, vitamins, and hormones found in the placenta that work with your body to recover and heal from all aspects of childbirth—both physical and emotional. Encapsulating your placenta delivers them back to your body, speeding up your physical recovery time and aiding in a smooth transition from pregnancy to postpartum. 


Vitamin B6: Aids the central nervous system and supports adrenal function. It also helps to increase the speed of your metabolism and aids in the production of antibodies to boost your immune system. 


Vitamin B12: Enables the body to produce energy by using fats and carbohydrates. Increased B12 can also treat and help prevent anemia. 


Vitamin E: Speeds up the bodies healing process and protects from toxins and free-radicals. 


Iron: Supplemental iron can increase the number of red blood cells carrying oxygen throughout the body, preventing exhaustion and increasing energy. 


Cytokines: Help to heal and replace injured and damaged tissue by facilitating communication between cells in the body. 


Stem cells: Speeds up the recovery process by aiding the healing of damaged tissue.




Estrogen, Progesterone, & Testosterone: Prepares the body and mammary glands for lactation, decrease postpartum mood swings and uterine cramping


Oxytocin: Aids in maternal/infant bonding and decreases pain


Placental opioid-enhancing factor: Decrease pain and induce a sense of well-being 


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: Regulates the thyroid and metabolism, increases energy


Corticotropin Releasing Hormone: Decreases risk of postpartum depression


Cortisone: Promotes healing by reducing swelling and inflammation in the body


Interferon: Fights infection


Prostaglandins: Help the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy state