Our Facility


Quick Overview

-  NSF Certified Equipment

-  Lab Grade Quality

-  OSHA Protocol + Universal Precautions

-  Trained and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

-  Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification

-  ServSafe Certification

-  Medical Couriers Certification

-  Placenta Encapsulation Training



Since opening our doors for the first time in 2017 we have strived to be a pioneer in the placenta encapsulation industry by consistently raising the standards rather than stay stagnate with outdated safety protocols and procedures in an unregulated industry. Placenta Encapsulation is traditionally performed in residential settings such as kitchens either the clients or the specialists home.

 Lancaster Placenta Co. offers a safer option in our placenta lab.

Stainless Steel Equipment:  While not required by law or within our own certifying body, Lancaster Placenta Co. goes above and beyond by using stainless steel workstation tables certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF Certified) in our placenta lab.  Stainless steel is used in the healthcare field because it's a non-porous surface that will not allow bacteria to seep into the surface and allow it to proliferate and cause disease.

Commercial Dehydrators:  Stainless steel commercial dehydrators ensure each placenta is dehydrated properly at the proper temperature while heat is evenly distributed for the duration of drying time.  This ensures the placenta is heated quickly and efficiently to prohibit bacteria from developing.

Pharmaceutical Lab Grade Capsule Machines:  Our lab utilizes real pharmaceutical grade capsule machines that provides a quality never seen before in the placenta encapsulation industry.  Rather than using cheap plastic capsule machines, our capsule machines are heavy duty stainless steel ensuring the utmost safety and performance.



The placenta encapsulation industry is currently unregulated in terms of training and workplace precautions that help keep consumers safe. This means that virtually anyone can offer encapsulation services with no training and no safety certifications.

So how do you know you’re making a smart choice when choosing a provider?

At Lancaster Placenta Co. we pride ourselves on our high level of training and the uncompromising safety standards in our facility. We focus exclusively on placentas, meaning all of our training and continuing education directly relates to placenta encapsulation and safety measures. We are a small, dedicated team of highly trained professionals in our field--and we have the certifications and glowing client reviews to prove it! As a team, we go far and above the industry standards for client and provider safety.

If you’d like to read more about our top-notch safety protocols, equipment and PPE then Click Here.

Before we begin suit up in proper PPE which consists of:

-  Scrubs

-  Isolation gowns

-  Gloves

-  N95 Respirators

-  Hair nets

-  Safety glasses

Our Employees:

-  Observe Universal Precautions to prevent contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)

-  Treat all blood and other potentially infectious materials with appropriate precautions such as:

     -  Using gloves, masks and gowns

     -  Using work practice controls to limit exposure

Click this Link Here to read more about what universal precautions and PPE is all about.



-  Our Placenta Specialist are trained and certified in placenta preparation through International Placenta and Postpartum Association

-  Annual Blood borne pathogens safety through Biologix

-  Pennsylvania State Food Safety training and Certification through ServSafe

-  Our Placenta Specialists are trained medical couriers



You'll find an extra peace of mind knowing that our founder is an expert and trusted source for placenta encapsulation training and certification. Rockstar Birth Academy was founded after seeing a demand from aspiring students and professionals alike interested in learning our pioneering and innovative approach to placenta encapsulation. The academy is dedicated to helping educate placenta encapsulation providers around the world, in an effort to diminish unsafe practices.

If you're interested in placenta encapsulation training with one of the worlds most innovative leaders in the industry and starting the path to a rewarding career serving postpartum mothers, click the REQUEST INFORMATION tab at the bottom of this website and let us know.