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Our Facility

Quick Overview

NSF Certified Equipment

Lab Grade Quality

OSHA Protocol + Universal Precautions

Trained and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification

ServSafe Certification

Medical Couriers Certification

Placenta Encapsulation Training


The Placenta Lab

Since opening our doors for the first time in 2017, we have strived to be a pioneer in the placenta encapsulation industry. We consistently and voluntarily raise our safety standards & update our protocols and procedures in what is currently an unregulated industry. Because of this lack of regulation, placenta encapsulation is often performed in residential settings, such as in a client or technician's home kitchen.

 Lancaster Placenta Co. offers a safer option in our dedicated, medical-grade placenta lab.

NSF Certified
Stainless Steel Equipment

While not required by any kind of law or regulating body, Lancaster Placenta Co. goes above and beyond by using stainless steel workstation tables certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF Certified) in our placenta lab.  Stainless steel is used in healthcare & food settings because of its non-porous nature, preventing bacteria from finding places to hide and grow.

Commercial Dehydrators

Stainless steel commercial dehydrators ensure each placenta is dehydrated at the proper temperature, while heat is evenly distributed for the entire duration of drying time.  This ensures the placenta is heated quickly and efficiently to prohibit bacteria from developing.

Pharmaceutical Lab Grade Capsule Machines

We use pharmaceutical grade capsule machines that provide a greater quality of both performance and safety vs. more common plastic capsule machines that cannot withstand the same chemicals and heat processes for sanitation purposes.

Lab Grade Equipment
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