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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Welcome to the Lancaster Placenta Company blog! This blog is for you if you are interested in placenta encapsulation, the benefits, different consumption methods, and other beneficial and fascinating products packing the power of the placenta. Of course, along the way we may discuss other related topics such as pregnancy, labor and birth, and everything baby. We can’t wait to sh

are with you the amazing benefits of the placenta and what it can do for newly postpartum moms.

Lancaster Placenta Company specializes in placenta encapsulation offering more products and services than any other provider in the area. Our goal is to continue to grow and develop so that we can continue to serve our clients and offer the most personalized postpartum experience. We serve Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Chester and surrounding counties.

2017 will be an exciting year as we launch some great blog series for our readers, launch new services and products, and continue to support our clients in their postpartum journey. We hope that you will join us and subscribe so you won’t miss any updates along the way.

-Callie Rineer

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