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Labor Aid - Soothing Massage Oil for Labor

Size: 1oz


Experience the natural touch of comfort during labor with Labor Aid, our specially formulated massage oil. Infused with the healing properties of arnica oil and the calming essence of lavender essential oils, Labor Aid is designed to provide gentle relief from labor pains and muscle tension.


Key Benefits:

  • Arnica Oil: Eases discomfort and inflammation, helping your muscles relax during labor.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Creates a tranquil environment with its soothing aroma, promoting mental relaxation.
  • Easy to Apply: A smooth, non-greasy formula that glides effortlessly over the skin.
  • Safe and Natural: Made with care, free from harmful chemicals, ensuring safety for both mother and child.


How to Use: Gently massage onto areas experiencing discomfort during contractions, or use as part of a calming massage routine to prepare for labor.


Labor Aid is your nurturing companion, offering a touch of natural relief as you welcome your baby into the world.

Labor Aid

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