By choosing this customizable 3 pack consisting of three 1oz herbal tinctures you'll be ready to tackle everything that sleepless nights, stressful moments, and breastfeeding woes throw at you quickly and easily during your postpartum journey. Customize your variety pack to suit your needs! All three can be infused with or without your placenta.


For the first time ever, or anywhere in the country, postpartum moms have these unique and safe herbal tinctures that can also be infused with your placenta to create a powerhouse of postpartum supporting goodness! Herbal remedies combined with your own placenta hormones will help to support you during your postpartum months in such a unique way that no other product on the market anywhere can do.

Liquid Gold | Level Headed | Mom Fuel - 1oz 3-Pack

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Placenta Infusion?
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