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Our "local" placenta encapsulation services are for clients who live in OR are delivering at a location within Lancaster County, PA.  If your hospital is not listed above as a pick location, this means you are not within our local pick up area and are a natiownide client and need to place your order HERE:


Don't forget to upgrade your reusable bottle with your name in rose gold ($15)!


After placing your order you’ll receive an e-mail with our quick intake forms to fill out and you’re ready to go! You’ll be placed on our schedule & just call or text us after you deliver, we will arrive for the pick up, start on your placenta right away and we’ll ship your finished products right to your door!


Just choose your method of preparation & flavor of capsules! If you'd like multiple capsule flavors, simply add a note with your desired flavors during check out!

*Our Vegan capsules are 100% Natural, Wheat & Gluten FREE, Kosher and Halal, free of preservatives, BSE/TSE, GMO's, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.





**************NOW AVAILABLE - Placenta Gummy Bears****************

Do you have trouble swallowing pills but still want to experience the benefits of your placenta? Now you can in our brand new All Placenta Gummy Bears option! You'll receive 240 Placenta Gummy Bears instead of placenta capsules. These gummy bears are packed with the benefits of your placenta and are easy and effortless to take every day! To order our all gummy bear package click here choose the "All Gummy Bears - No Capsules (240ct)" package under "preparation method" drop down menu.


**Please note that our proprietary and exclusive to us placenta gummy bears do take longer to process and create than our placenta capsules. If you are ordering your gummy bears in addition to placenta capsules you will receive the rest of your order first and we will ship your gummy bears as soon as they are finished.**



What is the difference between the Steamed & Non-Steamed methods of preparation?



The steamed method involves steaming the placenta to 160 degrees prior to dehydration. This can provide a more gentle dose of vitamins and hormones than the non-steamed method, and often results in slightly less capsules. This method is recommended for clients who test GBS+ or anyone who feels they would prefer the extra peace of mind that bringing the placenta quickly to 160 degrees provides.


The non-steamed method skips the steaming process and goes right to slicing and dehydrating the placenta. This method typically produces slightly more potent placenta powder because the hormones present in the placenta are exposed to less heat and processing vs. the steamed method. You will also typically receive a higher quantity of capsules vs. the steamed method.


Both methods are safe for mom and baby, and both follow USDA standards for consumption of food products.


**If your due date is today, or even if you've just had your baby it is not too late! Just place your order and give us a call for your pick up! Alternatively, your placenta can be safely refrigerated for 2 days or frozen until you're ready to place your order!



*Once your order is placed, you are able to cancel your order for any reason (ex: your placenta was taken to pathology and not released to you) and we will send you a refund minus a $75 scheduling fee.

Local Placenta Encapsulation

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