This package includes placenta encapsulation service,  and your choice of Plain/Vegan capsules, or choose up to 4 flavors out of our flavored capsules selection, and shipping right to your door!

Our Vegan capsules are 100% Natural, Wheat & Gluten FREE, Kosher and Halal, free of preservatives, BSE/TSE, GMO's, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

What is the difference between the “Non-Steamed Method” and the “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Method”? Li Shizen first wrote about placenta as a medicine in the 1500's when he compiled the first Materia Medica on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dried placenta has been used widely ever since for many different symptoms.

Placenta 'augments the Essence' in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Translation: Placenta makes greater/stronger the vital force of an individual.

Actions and Indications: Augments the qi and nourishes the blood; for emaciation, pallor, and/or insufficient lactation due to exhaustion of qi and blood. - Chinese Herbal Medicine, Materia Medica

The Chinese believed that the placenta was very important in a woman’s postpartum recovery. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that a woman is deficient in her Qi (energy) after she has a baby, and blood loss during childbirth is associated with coldness. They often used herbs in preparing the placenta for the mother, such as fresh lemon and ginger. Lemon and ginger are commonly used to bring warmth and balance to a mother.

When we prepare your placenta using the TCM method, we gently steam your placenta with fresh lemon and ginger before dehydration. This process does offer a lower yield in number of capsules, with a more gentle strength. 


The Non-Steamed Method is based on the raw food movement that theorizes any kind of heat destroys vital nutrients, enzymes, and minerals in the food that we eat. This movement believes that heating food any higher than 115 degrees would destroy these vital benefits of our food, so Raw Foodists often eat a 100% raw foods diet.

When we prepare your placenta in the Non-Steamed method, we skip the steaming process, and your placenta is dehydrated at 160 degrees for a full 24 hours in compliance with Pennsylvania State food safety regulations. Because we do not steam the placenta with this method, you can expect a higher yield in placenta capsules as well as enjoying your capsules at their natural full strength. You can also expect more of the hormones, nutrients, and minerals to be left intact with this method. 

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