Did you know our placenta balms are hand crafted for each client and made with all organic ingredients? We use real organic, raw, unrefined African Shea Butter, Organic Coconut oil, and 100% natural yellow Beeswax, infused for several hours with herbs like lavender, Calendula, and Chamomile, and your own dehydrated placenta.


Placenta is considered an effective skin-firmer, lifter, and hydrator. It treats acne prone skin and damaged skin. It’s also used for its anti-aging properties that increases skin collagen and skin elasticity. Some studies have shown the fast healing effects of placenta on wounds and burns. It can be used for its nourishing benefits to heal perineal tears, c-section scars, diaper rash, cuts, burns, and scrapes, eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, inflamed skin, as an anti-aging nightly mask. Placenta has been used for decades by many well known skin care companies primarily with animal placenta. Why not take advantage of using a natural balm that harnesses the nourishing power of your own placenta? Unmatched and unlike anything else out there, it's the closest natural remedy to you and your baby’s own biology.


Placenta Balms

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