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Our brand new, and exclusive to Lancaster Placenta Co, Placenta Gummy Bears are available! Now you can enjoy the benefits of your placenta in an easy, quick, and flavorful gummy bear! Placenta Gummy Bears are perfect as part of a long-term postpartum wellness plan to aid and support your physical & mental health after your placenta capsules are gone. When you have finished your capsules, eating a few of your Placenta Gummy Bears per day can continue aiding your body in gradually and gently returning to a pre-pregnancy state. Placenta Gummy Bears can help with emotional, mental, and psychological instabilities and transitions, stress, depression, PMS, and menopause.


Placenta Gummy Bears are ONLY available as an Add-On item with placenta encapsulation packages. This is just the add-on item.


✨To purchase an all gummy bear package (no capsules), go to the placenta encapsulation product page in the online store and select "All Gummy Bears - No Capsules (240ct)" under the "preparation method" drop down menu. *This option may not be available during special sales*.


**Please note that our proprietary and exclusive to us placenta gummy bears do take longer to process and create than our placenta capsules. If you are ordering your gummy bears in addition to placenta capsules you will receive the rest of your order first and we will ship your gummy bears as soon as they are finished.**



**Not to be used during pregnancy

Placenta Gummy Bears

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