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Jill Healy

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Ppecialist
Medical courier

Jill has been a local to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania since she was a young girl. Lancaster has allowed Jill and her husband to expand their roots and grow their family. She is a mother to two girls and a boy. Prior to having children, Jill worked on the Oncology unit providing a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere for families during times of great vulnerability. However, it was the birth of her oldest daughter that led Jill on a straight path into birth work.

She became a certified birth doula and childbirth educator, diving headfirst into anything and everything birth related. Even during her first pregnancy, Jill took it upon herself to begin educating herself on all facets of birth and labor. This of course led her to placenta encapsulation.

Jill pours her passions into serving growing families and new mothers during times when they need it the most. As a doula, Jill makes it priority to be there for the new mother not just for the labor and birth but also postpartum. She knows just how important postpartum care is and the paramount role that encapsulating your placenta plays. Jill personally had her placenta encapsulated with all her births and has experienced the powerful benefits firsthand.

During times when things like sleep deprivation, foggy brain, and fatigue seemed daunting and hindering, ingesting her placenta in a multitude of tinctures and capsules provided Jill with the clarity, energy, and levelheadedness she needed to care for her newborn. Jill is elated knowing that the work she is currently doing with Lancaster Placenta Co. is helping to provide more mothers with the same benefits that she received through placenta encapsulation during their postpartum season.

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